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Feb 1, 2019
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I am researching and getting ready to by my first equipment kit. This kit comes with a primary fermentation bucket of 20 gallons. I am wanting to start at making a 6 gallon concentrate kit and work up to must in larger quantities. I saw another thread that said a 12 gallon bucket is no problem. Would 14 gallons of empty space be too much. or should I by an 8 gallon bucket for the smaller kits?
Within reason, having "too large" of a primary fermentation bucket is not a problem. I deem 20 gallons to be "within reason." In other words, I think the 20 gallon bucket will work fine.
Thanks. Its a kit designed for frozen must. Which requires about 10 gallons or so to produce the 6 gallons of wine. I just wanted to start very basic with a concentrate kit then move up to must. As I have a local vineyard that will sell fresh must.
I have made wine in to large of a primary.itwill work.However I dealt with the must not being deep enough to get a good sample to test.
Another thing,before getting a vacume pump I struggled with trying to siphon up over.
Without a vacume you have to have that primary high enough to siphon into your secondary.
I myself would get a smaller primary(if you plan to continue to make smaller batches)
Good luck and have fun!
Thanks. I have started the kit last night. It has a loose lid to keep things out, but it doesn't have an airlock. How do I determine if fermentation has started ? I have a stick on thermometer, but it doesn't show very well.

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