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  1. A

    Hydraulic Cylinder Sales

    Hello everyone! I am a sales rep at a family owned company in Northern California that specializes in hand welded hydraulic cylinders. I am trying to find out how I can find the correct person to contact at the vineyards to bring information about our product. Any tips would be greatly...
  2. Rusty Nesmith

    Equipment list help.

    Hello. I am new and have been looking at kits online. I have a couple of places local to buy from and would rather support them. I have worked up a list and would appreciate any help to make sure it is everything I will need. I am planning to start with wine kits and not grapes or fruit. Here is...
  3. J

    Building a bladder press

    Hello fellow winemakers, Has any of you built or thought about building a bladder press? to buy one, you need to fork out quite a bit of money, but most original parts are available as replacement items for purchase at afordable prices. If you had such experience, I would like to hear from you...
  4. Ignoble Grape

    First Big Investment - Input

    Hi All, So this harvest I'm going to be making my first big equipment purchase. Exciting! Quick check for understanding with all you experts: 1. An all-in-one pump degasses - really helpful for kits, not necessarily for wine made for grapes, but doesn't filter (I may be incorrect with this...
  5. B

    DMA 35 for Fermentation Tracking

    Hi Guys, Running a small winery in northern CA. I was wondering if anybody has used Anton Paar's DMA 35 for fermentation tracking? Thanks -Rex
  6. TikiWine

    Primary Fermentation Bucket

    I am researching and getting ready to by my first equipment kit. This kit comes with a primary fermentation bucket of 20 gallons. I am wanting to start at making a 6 gallon concentrate kit and work up to must in larger quantities. I saw another thread that said a 12 gallon bucket is no problem...
  7. HymnandHerd

    Beginning Equipment

    I'm currently working with the TTB to get my permit. I was wanting to see what size tanks everyone started with and how quickly new equipment was purchased because of increased production. That being said, if you have any information or insight it's greatly appreciated. When you first began...
  8. G

    Wine equipment for sale - Pittsburgh

    gravity fed 3 station bottler Refractometer Wine analyzer (pH, TA, sulfide) Transfer pump (new) Fermentation barrels Assorted supplies