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  1. clent724

    Chilean vs California vs South African fresh juice pails

    Wine season is around the corner and I cannot decide where to get juice pails from. I'm leaning towards Barbera juice. I can get Chilean Barbera from Luva Bella winery. I can also get South African barbera from CFP in Pittsburgh. In the fall I can get California Barbera also from consumers...
  2. L

    Strange taste in wines fermented from juice buckets...

    I'm looking to see if anyone has had a similar experience: Several years ago we fermented from juice buckets. I remember those wines had a strange taste to them that I would describe as a slight chemical or plastic-like taste. Whatever it was, it made the wines pretty much undrinkable (to my...
  3. TikiWine

    Primary Fermentation Bucket

    I am researching and getting ready to by my first equipment kit. This kit comes with a primary fermentation bucket of 20 gallons. I am wanting to start at making a 6 gallon concentrate kit and work up to must in larger quantities. I saw another thread that said a 12 gallon bucket is no problem...
  4. S

    Brewing bottle vs Brewing bucket

    I currently have an issue with to few (empty) bottles and some wines which have to be made. I do have two 20L buckets, but i have always thought buckets were less good, as there is more space for air/oxygen, which is bad for the wine. Will it greatly affect the wine (negatively) or can I use...