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The cool thing about buying used books is that you get some really great-shape books for $4-$6 shipped, but it's also the surprises you sometimes find...

Pre-release promotional postcard...

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It was inside the book...

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...also signed.

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I have a similar find. This one was of special note to me. Dick O'Kane was a WWII sub commander. His sub was sunk by its own torpedo in 1944, resulting in him and 8 others sending the last year of the war as a POW. It's quite a story in itself. Now to the book. I purchase used books from time to time. I wanted this one in hardback, so I found one in good shape and purchased it. When I arrived I found that it was stamped on a couple of the inside pages. Then I found the inscription to James Duncan from Dick O'Kane. I researched Duncan and found that he too had served on subs in WWII, but after the war, went to college and earned an engineering degree. When the Korean War broke out, he re-enlisted in the newly minted Air Force, became a fighter pilot, flew missions in Korea, and eventually retired some years later as a Colonel. Both were heroes in my book. Sad part of the story, after Duncan's death, his books ended up in a second hand book sale. A personal note was also found in the book, which I did not include.

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Yup. On the CBBT, the crosswinds on gusty days will make you long for the tunnels. I once turned left for the whole trip, just to stay straight. It can be wild.

Here's the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel that I used to use at least once weekly, that Ma didn't much like, lol... It connects Hampton and Newport News, Va., to Norfolk and Virginia Beach. They're building new bridges and tunnels for it to add two new ones and four more lanes.

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Hey, you can almost see my old house in Hampton
I'm doing the same thing, but with blueberries. I have 9 to go, and the weather here is warming fast so I gotta get to it later today again. Cutting them way back this year. It'll ruin our harvest this summer but it will make a better haul in the future. I finally broke down and got these. Cuts a 1-1/2" branch and gets 1,100 cuts to the charge. Wow, it makes it a lot easier and faster!

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Mr. Jswordy, you didn't tell me these things cut wire. Took me all of 3 minutes to find out ;)