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Jul 9, 2009
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I just finished siphoning out some mead to taste its progress and while i did, put the plug and airlock in a k-meta solution. Then I put the plug back on the carboy and proceeded to fit the airlock on it... but the plug slipped down into it. The airlock got pushed into it enough that its holding the plug from actually going into the mead, but does anyone have any suggestions? Its pretty much clarified so would i be wise to go ahead and bottle it? Or what?
Can you make a hook out of a wire coathanger and get it through the plug from underneath?

should be be able to pull it back through.

I haven't made mead.. so no help on that part of the question sorry.

If there is sediment on the bottom then I always advise anyone to rack to another clean vessel and bottle from there if you have not stirred any up, its not a good idea to bottle from a vessel with sediment on the bottom as 1 slip and you can stir it up and its usually whenyou have some bottled and thn your in trouble as you have 1/2 a cloudy batch and then have to rack that into smaller vessels and cork what you bottled and wait for the other stuff to clear and then sanitize those bottles all over again.
I'm coming in way, way late with this but folks might file it away for future reference.

First, go ahead and pull the airlock out and let the bung fall to the bottom. Then, let the wine settle before racking it into another container and rinse the sediment out.

Now comes the fun part -- rip or cut a six-inch swatch of old tee shirt about a foot long. Roll the cloth into a long tube, stick it into the bottle and wiggle it around to open the end that's in the carboy. WAIT! I forgot to tell you to hold on to the end of the cloth tube.

Now, set the carboy on its side and wiggle and jiggle until the bung rolls onto the fabric with the narrow end pointing out the hole. Pull firmly and the cloth will squeeze the bung and let you pull it out. TaDaa!

Finally, buy a couple bigger bungs.

Happy Holidays!

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