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Oct 26, 2008
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When I was in college, questions were always welcomed and appreciated, however, most professors were more enthused to find out you at least tried to find an answer first, therby making your question a little more structured.

The search engine in here may not be "Google", but many questions may be able to be answered by searching first, and if you are still confused or unsure, you, and those on this forumn will have a better idea on how to answer, and we are all happy to share our infinite wisdom. Infinite may be a strong word but it sounds good. LOL:h

Entering a question like, "My car wont start, what should I do?", tells us nothing. We need details. Did it make a noise? What kind of noise? What did you do differntly than yesterday, etc.

By trying the search first you may be able to come up with your answer faster than if you were to wait for someone to get back to you with a response. And again, at least you will have a better structure to your question.

I quess I can speak on behalf of all of the members here in saying, "We would love to help." But noone is going to do it for you. You have an obligation to learn something on your own as well.

There are lots of resources on the net for us to learn from, and noone in here made up what they know. Many of us learned from these outside sources and made conclusions from the results of what we learned. The same results we are all happy to share with everyone who is now, or will become an addict.

Happy Brewing and Vinting,

Dear Bob,

I can lend you a tricycle..

yours helpfully

A little more seriously, Troy is correct. But many newcomers will miss this recommendation or not know what terms to usein the search.

It would also be nice if folks would provide complete info (temp, sg, exact wine kit brand, etc etc).

I am going to add a sticky right in under introductions. Thanks, Ive been meaning to do this for awhile and always get side tracked by answering posts but tonights the night. I have posted a sticky in the three main spots where people come as beginners and ask these questions. Hopefully this helps us to help them.
That's all well and good Wade...but WHAT ABOUT MY CAR???!!!???

Just kidding...Thanks Wade.

I haven't driven in almost 5 yrs, never got a license till I was 31, been in the hospital 3 times on my mountain bike, send me a tricycle.!!
O come what will Tom and Wade do at night is they dont answer same question again and again
Hey! MM, I am known for repeating myself!:d
So I can be unqualified to take up some slack on this end if need be!!!!

Hey! MM, I am known for repeating myself!:)
So I can be unqualified to take up some slack on this end if need be!!!!

I personally dont mind repeating myself, as long as I know you are listening.

Sometimes redundancy pays off. Like when i was continually shocking my cat Bernice in the nose with the carpet static bolts. Now she realizes golfing in the rain is no longer a smart thing to do. Although she swims aand loves to fetch rocks out of the puddle.

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