Please advise me on Niagara grapes

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Paul Gardner

Apr 9, 2019
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Last year, I didn't have enough grapes to make wine, so I put some through a juicer, froze the juice and froze a few gallons whole. But after pruning my grapes almost to death this spring, I've got more than enough grapes for 5 gallons! I'll be adding the frozen juiced ones, but I have a question. Last year's juice is filled with the remains of the skins, and is an opaque green. Is a juicer the best way to get the juice? If so, how do I clarify the juice, or do I even bother with that? This will be the first juice I've ever made, and so I don't want to mess up two years harvest. I would appreciate any advice you can give me.

Also, there are tons of videos on YouTube on making wine, but is there one or two that isn't full of sheep dip and are pretty straight forward that I should take into consideration? Thank you.