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  1. M

    Noob trying for 1st time – have some questions

    I am not sure if this is going to be my hobby (probably not). But still I want to make a 1 gallon batch and see how it goes. As far as possible, I want to be using everything at home, so no hydrometer and stuff. After reading here & different sites, here are my (extremely) detailed steps and...
  2. winescribes

    A couple of office rats with a dream to make wine

    Hey all! Very excited to have stumbled upon this resource and plethora of winemaking information.. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and my story of how I fell in love with wine: Graduated college with a Finance degree and worked in San Francisco doing Consulting and Tech sales...
  3. P

    Please advise me on Niagara grapes

    Last year, I didn't have enough grapes to make wine, so I put some through a juicer, froze the juice and froze a few gallons whole. But after pruning my grapes almost to death this spring, I've got more than enough grapes for 5 gallons! I'll be adding the frozen juiced ones, but I have a...
  4. E

    I'm totally new at this

    Okay so I am completely new to the wine making world and am making a small batch right now. My only previous wine making experience was with a friend of mine a few months ago and was extremely basic and I do mean basic. We basically just put a few gallons of juice, sugar, and some yeast in a...