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Sep 7, 2009
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Hi - am saving wine bottles for some plum wine i just started, but it just occurred to me, why not use plastic bottles like the sort you get bottled water or fizzy drinks in? Why not?

I use plastic pet bottles ( recycled) for beer and ciders.. if they will be consumed in under 6-8 months.. I figure if coke and lemonade etc can be stored in them for that length of time so can beer and cider.

plum wine will need to be cellared for a year at least.. I would bottle it in glass, however, there's no reason why you shouldn't experiment and bottle some in plastic.. see if there's any noticeable diffence between glass and plastic storage in a years time..


There are good quality water bottles and poor quality ones. You can tell the difference quite easily. For example, Aquafina and Dasani are good.

Personally I would not use water bottles for wine, but if I did, I would have to be desperate for bottles to use the poor ones. I can't see that thin flimsy plastic protecting your wine from oxidation for very long.

I didnt post on this subject earlier as Im not a big advocate of plastic anything. I dont know where you live but just about anywhere in the world there are wine bottles that can be grabbed for free. Do you live near any wineries as they are not allowed to reuse wine bottles and throw them out by the case very often especially if they do wine tastings. Check out your local transfer staion(dump) as thats where I get most of mine. I call them in the morning and by late afternoon they typically have about 100 give or take 15 bottles. I then throw about 45 at a clip in my bathtub with hot water and Oxyclean(Walmart brand Sun) and let them soak for about 2 hours and most labels will float right off and then rinse them with hot water and then box them. When raedy to bottle a wine I use my vinator witha strong sulfite solution and some citric acid.
Same here.

Restaurants and communicity centers are also a good source for empty wine bottles.

Last weekend we attended a large folk-dance festival in
Biddinghuizen (yes we had a great time and consumed a lot of wines with friends) and I scored 150 empty bottles.
Washed and removed the labels at the campingsite over there.