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Aug 29, 2017
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Hi Everyone,

I just started to grow a dwarf variety of Cabernet Franc (Pixie Grape) a few weeks ago, and a few leaves are constantly yellow mostly in the lower part of the vine. They turn yellow in a couple of days then fall out. It was like that when I bought it at the Garden store, and all the other ones next to it were doing the same as well. The guy at the store said that should go away when you transplant.

I transplanted it to a larger pot, all in clay with proper planter mix soil that drains well, and I put some gravel small rocks at the bottom of the pot for extra drainage.I also added some liquid fertilizer, 10-15-10, but the leaves are still doing the same.

it is very hot outside those days, it is always on the balcony having more than 8 hours of sun everyday. The soil get quite dry after a full day of sun so I water it a little every night. There is a small cluster of grape slowly growing, still green.

I live in Vancouver, Canada, so same weather as Seattle, WA, and a lot of trees in the city are starting to get yellow and red for Autumn, I thought maybe that could be just that?

See pictures i attachments

Thanks for your help :)



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