Pitfalls of being careless with left over wines

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Jun 1, 2009
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Just imagine you opened the newly bought bottle of a chardonnay wine, poured it into the sparkling goblet and had it with your favorite roasted lamb.
you kept the left over wine carelessly only to find it being turned into a salad dressing vinegar.
It often happens when you are a novice,so catch here is to keep it air tight any how,thats what my wine expert friends told me,there should be no oxygen air bubbles inside.
Aww yes. I've had wines last a fair bit of time after being left open then having a cork shoved in after a few hours. I've started spraying a bit of inert gas and throwing a bottle on my corker and putting a new cork in if I'm not planning on drinking it again soon.
I find the true solution to this is...drink it all!

Seriously though, one thing I did was buy a case of half-size wine bottles, specifically for solo drinking or cooking use (so a full bottle isn't opened to get a cup of wine for a sauce).
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My brother got me this for Christmas > 2 yrs ago and I use these for everything - soda and wine (bought many extra tops for it). I use them (at least for the first few) when I am bottling until I can get the corker out....
left over wine?

Not in my house...Coll always drinks it..

The best thing about using a Vacu Vin is that when you take off the cap and the little cup thing inside your air lock, you can use the Vacu Vin to degass your wine in the carboy. :D

Wish there was a way to use it when you have too much space in the carboy ( instead of having to top up) or for the odd sized batches I always seem to end up with.

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