pH reading variation based on liquid temperature

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Sep 25, 2012
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What's the expected variation, if any, that the pH in the liquid will vary based on its temperature?

And what is the "safe zone" average temperature for an accurate pH reading?
I assume the colder the temp the higher the pH reading, correct?
Almost all pH meters these days are temperature correcting. Maybe the real cheapo ones that are $35 are not but then I wouldn't trust the number enough to even worry about temperature correction!
I have a Milwaukee ph56 with new probe.
Liquid at 32F and is reading a pH of 3.9x
Maybe warm a sample to 68deg and test.?
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Yeah, found that online calculator yesterday, thanks.
pH doesn't fluctuate enough in fermentation temperature ranges to really worry about. Your pH meter or litmus paper would have to be .001 pH accurate with 0.00 precision to matter - you aren't getting that with anything less than lab grade equipment.

pH test, do a gross adjustment to where your yeast is happy, then titrate for a fine correction.
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