Oregon Blackberry Puree

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Oct 24, 2009
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Started a 1 gallon batch of this wine last week. I racked it into a 1 gallon carboy on sat and the S.G. was 1.000......

I will let it ferment to dry and then rack of the lees, but I do have a couple questions?

The recipe says let it ferment to dry for apporox 2-3 weeks and then add fining agents..etc. Is it OK to let is set for a couple more weeks on the lees (considering the S.G. is all ready close to dry) ? also, i grabbed a small bottle of blackberry wine to top up with...is this ok?

this is my first non kit attempt so thanks in advance

BTW, I used the slurry to start a 6 gal batch of SKEETER PEE!