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St Allie

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Mar 6, 2009
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I bought two kits on special.. and instead of doing them separately have combined them into one primary ( 2 x 12 litre kits).

My question is regarding the clearing agents etc. I put 4 yeast sachets in and both the bentonite sachets. However, looking at the sorbate I'd add one, and sulphites add one , but what about the finings? .. all the sachets are the same size as the ones I get in normal 23 litre kits.. do I need to double dose the fining agents at the end? It just seems a huge amount of finings.

basically each kit has the same size packages in it for a normal 23 litre kit.

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If I understand what you have is 2 kits. Thus you have 2X the chemicals. Just add 2 packs of each step and you will be fine.

The sorbate and sulphite packs are the same size in the 12 litre pack as the 23 litre. I don't want to over sulphite. Any thoughts?

They should be the same. You are gonna make the same amount of volume. Whether its a 12 or 23ltr kit it still will be the same 6 gallon or 23 ltr wine.
Remember you have to add water to the 23 ltr mark in the 12 ltr kit thus the same volume.

this is a dessert wine, it's a 12 litre finished kit.. there is no water addition.

15 x 750 ml bottles or 30 x 375ml bottles.

this is why I am querying the additives.

They add extra sulfites and sorbate because of the very high residual sugar sl I would use them all but for the fining agent 1 of eachis fine.
Thankyou both..

I'll just use one lot of finings and all of the sorbate/sulphites.

Wade is right. It took alot of sulfite and sorbate to stop my Ice Wine also your desert wine may need a 2nd dose of clearing.. That (my Ice Wine) finished (bottled) @ 1.036
Tom, did you stop fermentation by adding sulfite and sorbate? If so exactly how much of each did you add. Ive never tried this as its pretty much taboo in the wine making world to do so. Ive outdone the yeast a few to=imes with high starting sg's and once cold stabilized one in the winter but never dared to try that!
Finally moving this into a secondary this morning.. ( fermenting temps are cool here, everything takes longer), I liked the sample taste and it was supposed to be moved when it dropped below 1.090 but it's been bubbling quite comfortably so I just left it. The gravity is now 1.050 and it's supposed to stop between 1.020 and 1.040.

I'm just letting it go at its own pace..

btw Wade? I far prefer this to the chocolate port.. which has a cloying sweetness in comparison.. the muscat is a clean flavour.

raspberry choc..

I can't finish a glass of it..

it's too sweet,

My mum loves it.

I struggle with a sherry glass.

Have bottled it in pretty lil 330 ml bottles Wade. and I intend to give it all away at xmas.

Will stick to dry finished kits in future. The HB green apple reisling is also too sweet.. again.. my mum loves it.

I have a black cherry pinot noir kit coming along..I probably will not add the F pac at all.

I like the low end red wine kits for drinking myself.. after I tweak them.. Apart from those I prefer my fruit wines..

With te black cherry if its till plugging along maybe you can add the f-pac now then as it will add flavor and add abv but still finish dry unless you already upped the abv with sugar.
the black cherry f pack.. I added half to the kit after fermentation and half into a merlot that was fermenting..so the merlot went up a lil bit in ABV.. the cherry is faintly discernable in it. bit of a kit taste.. that'll go if i leave it in the bottle long enough.

the black cherry pinot mist kit thing was truly horrible.. ghastly kit taste..

I'll only buy the peach chardonnay and green apple ones in future for my mum to drink..

It's certainly a niche market for a sweet tooth.

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but, Allie I was wondering how your Orange Muscat turned out. I have been looking at this kit and thinking about trying it out. Thanks!
turned out awesome.. I am hoarding it, definately going to do another one.

highly recommended...especially considering I've been bagging the mist kits on this thread for their sweetness.. thing is.. the muscat doesn't have the awful kit taste of corn syrup.

rave reviews from friends.. I only get it out for my good ones!

Allie :bt
Thanks Allie! The supplier that use also told me this morning that the other people that have bought that kit from him have liked it as well. Looks like that will be the next one I pick up. -SL