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Dec 2, 2009
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I have a little problem.

My LHBS was out of bungs, so I bought the orange carboy caps. Well some of them are a little distorted and will not make a good seal unless I push down on it, but as soon as I let go no seal. Others are in good form and seal up nicely.

How do I fix the distorted ones?
i don't care for the orange caps for long-term storage. they're fine for racking and whatnot but as you said, they don't always seal as well as they should.
you could try boiling them or softening them up in very hot water to see if they are able to lose some of the memory they have in that distorted condition. that and perhaps a very heavy rubber band (like a broccoli bunch band) around the outside after softening to ensure they reshape themselves to a more normal fit.
Thanks for the info... just ordered some the multi fit bungs online!
I've just started using these as well, I've notice they have them for 5, 6 and 6.5 gallons. Could be that the size is wrong?

I got lucky and bought the right size (didn't know there were different sizes when I grabbed them).

I only use them for degassing and eventually for racking.

I have the ones that are supposed to fit 3,5 and 6 gallon carboys. Some fit perfectly fine while some get bent a little on the edge and then they don't seal at all. I might use them for primary still, since I can rig a blow off tube real easy!
I only use those orange caps when using my vacuum pump. I dont really know if it will work but probably you would have to put them in hot water and deform them the opposite way.
The heck with the caps, I ordered 10 bungs from finevinewines....

I might try putting them in hot water for a bit then fitting it over the carboy for shape, hopefully it will shrink to form as it cools. But I will go with the bungs from here on out!!
I have seen these mostly used for filtering or degassing and usually come with a screw clamp that fits around it and makes sure it is tight against the carboy neck.

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