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Jul 24, 2009
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Hey everyone. I have a request from my better half for a Red Raspberry wine. Here is my question:

1- I'm unsure how much juice to use for a 3 gallon batch. I have the Old Orchard 100% juice concentrate 2 quart jugs. I'm worried about too much juice, where it would be super tart. Also, I've seen recipes that have fresh and or frozen berries, which I'm not using.

2- What strain of yeast would be beneficial for something like this??

Ok, thanks for everyone's input..

Start with 3 gallons of juice. Add sugar to 1.085. Nutrient, and I would use Cote des Blancs. You will wind up with maybe a little more than a quart over 3 gallons. Dont worry about it as you will leave the solids behind during racking. Ferment in a 4-5 gallon bucket. Rack to a 3 gal carboy put the rest in a 750ml bottle.

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