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Feb 27, 2010
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My first batch of Pinot Gris (first batch ever) has a strong bad odour. I am ready to bottle but have not yet. Does that odour go away?
Hrmm... I don't know how to describe it. My friends say it smells "like an un wiped ***"

my sense of smell is not that great. I don't think it smells THAT bad, but maybe I am just in denial. It definately is not a good smell.

The wine tastes pretty vinegar like but it's definately NOT just vinegar. I think it is just young, I think it tastes pretty good.
perhaps take a sample into your local Home brew shop?

When did you start this wine? I know some of mine coming out of the primary do not smell all that great but get better with every racking. but if your getting ready to bottle i'm guessing its at least 3 months out of the primary. Not sure on this one.
How dry is it? Check your gravity. I had a wine that was extremely dry that smelled almost like vinegar. Once it aged and breathed awhile it got better.
you know it probably smells like eggs. I read somewhere that you can add some kind of tablet that might fix it?

The taste is pretty sharp. It was only a 4 week kit, but form what I understood it should be the equivlant to a 6 week kit (cheeky monkey kits).

The taste i more on the vinegar side than another pinot grigio I had, but it is definately not vinegar.