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Dutch Winemaker
Nov 5, 2006
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I use nylon stockings all the time as a fermentation bag for my fruit
and flowers or as a straining aid.
However it was always a problem filling them.

I kept the stocking open with one hand and filled it with a spoon in the other hand.
Not easy to do.

Then I had a great Idea.

I took a plastic container and cut the bottom out.
I put the stocking around it and fastened it with a pin to my primary.
Now I had both hands free to fill the stocking !!!

Simple and effective.
Then I found a PVC narrower made for attaching a thick drainpipe to a thin one.
This is even better !!! It has a big opening for filling the stocking.

If this sounds complicated look at my web-log entry, and you can see how easy this is to make and use !!!


I hope this helps you all a bit.

Luc...is it more helpful to find a pair from someone who had big thighs? or the smaller ones?

sorry...couldnt resist:):gn
Excellent info, Luc. I may move to nylon stockings. I like the idea of throw-away 'bags'.

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