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North Jersey wine equipment for sale

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Aug 3, 2010
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A687DDDF-3970-489F-9121-2D97491290C0.jpeg 9659EE03-3D4F-45C1-A46D-9859C070B580.jpeg 86D13719-9D10-4D49-BBCA-9BCFE445B6F7.jpeg Floor corker,25.00,350 litre(3)fermenter tubs 55.00 each,275 litre(2)45.00 each,beer kegs(3)30.00 each,ferment/storage containers(200 liter)150.00,(100 liter)90.00,(60 liter)70.00,small demijohns 3-5-10 liters,5-7-10 dollars.,refractometer 30.00,malolactic testing setup 15.00.giant food grade funnel 15.00.Bottle drip trees 10.00 and 15.00.Sorry,press,punchdown tool,the two large demijohns have been sold
Basically around the corner from Carrados sounds like. Shame to see you get rid of all your gear Bob. (Unless your just upgrading. But doesn’t seem that way)

What’s the actual malolactic test setup? Is it a chroma test kit? Or a vinmetrica deal?
Been making wine for 12 years with another guy(he got me into it).He has serious back issues And I’m almost 69 so we are packing it in.The Malo setup is chromo test but I made a holder platform for the acid standards/wine samples and the litttle glass sample tubes so they don’t get mixed up or spilled.Was actually featured in Wine Maker magazine a few years ago.
I'm up in hasbrouck heights...once I get home from work I'm gonna look at ur stuff...I'm sure I'll take some stuff off your hands...currently stuck in traffic so I gotta sort of pay attention to the road..

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