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Mar 4, 2008
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hey guys

Ive got a quick question. my must is still in the primary and has been bubbling pretty good since last thursday or so. the recipe says i should place into the secondary after 5-7 days, but my must is still bubbling pretty good and according to my hydrometer i am no where near .1000. what should I do?? Should I wait until i get below .1000 on the hydrometer or should I put into the secondary because the recipe calls for it. the must has been in the primary since 2/24.

isnt the idea of this process is to allow the must to completely ferment in the primary?? or does the must continue to ferment in the sec???????

I want a good dry wine with plenty of alcohol. according to the hydrometer I should have 13.5 percent alcohol when complete
I only do kits and the transfer from primary to carboy is when the SG is about 1.010; secondary fermentation down to 0.996 or so takes place in the carboy. I'm assuming you meant 1.000 in your question for the target SG. What is the present SG?
Most kits have a primary fermentation in a bucket and a secondary fermentation in the carboy, although some people do both in a carboy. Also some Spagnols kits now do both primary and secondary ferment in the bucket.
If this is not a kit wine, this process and these numbers may differ, and others can advise you on this.
Cheers.. Doug
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As was said you should transfer when the SG gets to 1.0100+/-. If you're dealing with fruit containing seeds you should likely transfer now to avoid any bitterness they may impart. Also the temp. of the must will be a factor in how long or vigorous the initial fermentation will be. The cooler it is then the longer ferment will be.

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