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Jun 7, 2010
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I added a packet of yeast to a one gallon batch of cherry wine made and weighed to recipe. initial fermentation began after about 12 hours.....checked s.g. but may have had too much solid..said 1.09....yesterday i noticed the airlock had almost stopped...slowed dramaticly ..this morning checked s.g. and it is at just over 1.00.....still fizzy but smells and tastes(didn't drink slushed around and spit) of cheap wine....mixture is still fizzy....

should i ad more sugar....? or let sit several more days and then transfer to carboy?

I was under the impression that the fermentation should continue for quite a while....and was expecting 2 weeks in primary fermentation pale...

I used 4 lbs cherries 1 gal water 2.5 lbs sugar ..2 camd tablets...yeast nutrient...acid blend...tannin...added pectic enzyme 12 hrs...later...yeast pack 24 hours after pecti enzyme...

I usually go in the primary for about 3-5 days.

Then rack into the secondary fermenter with airlock until complete.
Thanks for the reply....I was under the impression that the bucket fermented like crazy for a week or two......

now i'm having trouble getting a batch of cherry/strawberry started.....added yeast last night ....and today it is barely fizzing mainly on floating fruit....airlock has no pressure....switched lids....checked ph...and s.g. on this one...first one....other 4 batches going fine...did have trouble getting two more started...added water and packet of yeast......and they worked....used different yeast on cherry/strawberry....
What yeast did you use?

What is the temp? If the temp is to low it will have difficulty starting as well.

Keep in mind that about 70% of the fermentation is done within the first few days - so once you rack your wine into the Secondary fermentation container and the remaining 30% or so of the fermentation can take anywhere from two to three weeks depending on the amount of nutrient and sugars still available.

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