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Aug 5, 2008
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I am new to wine making Can anyone tell me the differance in new wine and old what changes happen to the taste? i have worked off some watermelon wine and it still has a yeasty taste. it is 7 weeks old have used wine conditioner and sweetened it before I bottled it.
Have you ever been to a liquor store and bought some wine.
Look at the bottle.

No wine is ever sold that is not at least 1 year old !!!

7 weeks is just an infant....

All kinds of chemical processes happen when wine ages.
Acids will bond with alcohol and produce esters.

Tannins and some tartaric acid will drop out and form sediment
in the end. No worry, most wines have this and it has nothing
to do with improper winemaking.
The dropping out will however mellow a harsh wine.

Some of the thousands of ingredients in wine will chemically bind
like the alcohol and acid and form new flavors.
Oxygen will react with some ingredients and will form new flavors.

Any residual sucrose will split under the influence of acid
in fructose and glucose and will alter the taste of the wine.

Etc. etc. etc.

In short:
Age the wine and be surprised at the alterations.

I was several times amazed at how a wine devellopped over time
and wrote some web-log entries about it like:

But the most profound story is dandelion wine which is really
awfull when just made and delicious after a year.

Believe me: the yeasty flavor will drop out in due time.

Remember you are making wine, not beer.
Patience is the keyword here.

Thank you luc nobody has ever told me what to expect from wine i will be a little more patient