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Feb 2, 2009
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My name is Stefano. I'm just getting started making wine. I'm happy to introduce myself to you. I have made 2 batches of wine so far. A Cabernet, in which all the bottles popped their corks. (Talk about a learning curve) And 10 gallons of Sangiovese. I wonder if anyone can speak to blending of wine. Although the alchohol level is right, it lacks rich flavor. Does anyone have any experience with blending or sweetening a lackluster wine?
Welcome! Hope you find folks helpful here too like I have.What kind of wine are you looking for blending help on? the cab.? or the sangio?

Thanks for the reply. I made Sangio and Montepulciano. They both however taste the same. I'd like to blend them or sweeten them slightly with something. What's your experience in doing that?
I have no experience at blending. But I would suggest that you do some "bench trials", ie "10 ml of Cab plus 5 ml of Sang" against "5 ml of Cab plus 10 ml of Sang".

You can do your own blending trials with your wines no matter how big or small your batches.Use a measuring device to make your blends as accurate as you can.Start by making blends in 10% increments, 90% sang.-10% mont. ,80%sang.- 20% mont. ,70%sang. - 30% mont. Makes notes on the aromas and taste of the different blends and see which ones you like.Remember to top up your carboys if you arent going to blend wines together after your blending trails though

I've got a little more time to wait on this years batch of wine myself(its still clearing) but I'll be trying to see what tastes good to me with my cab sav. and merlot I made from calfornia grapes this past season.I like my blends better then the straight varietals by themselves.