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Vin Rouge

Jun 24, 2007
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Hello to everyone here.

We are having some great weather for vines here, sunny and about 85 with a breeze.

I am relatively new to wine making with last year being my first vintage. I did a blend of Granche Noir and Syrah (which I grow). I also have some Barbera, Temparnillo and Cab Sauvignon (which I bought the fruit), (Paso Robles AVA). I am very excited about the up coming crush this fall. I am thinking about doing some Petite Sirah and Cab this year. As you can tell I favor reds but do dable over the BBQ with whites. Mainly Reslings. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and my winemaking intrests.
Welcome. You are one of the fortunate to live in an area to be able to grow or obtain fresh crushed juice. Hope to hear about your adventures. Post the questions you may have. Someone will be able to help you along the way.

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