New England Beer Festivals (for Masta and Wade)

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Jun 20, 2005
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Thought I'd post this for Masta and Wade (and others that live in their area)although y'all probably already know about them. Just a few beer festivals in your area I received info about in an email.


March 31: Beer, Bourbon & Beef Dinner & Class at Plan B Tavern in West Hartford - These dinners will be held the last Monday of every month and feature four courses paired with beer and one featured with a bourbon. This month is Farmington River and Eagle Rare. Reservations are required. For more info call 860-658-4477 or visit

March 31: Willimantic's Annual Craft Brewers Spring Beer Tasting - Back by popular demand. Check out dozens of different seasonal craft brews, enjoy a complimentary Hors d’oeuvres buffet, take a brewery tour, get home brew info, win fabulous prizes and take home a special gift. Tickets are limited to 100 and are only on sale via the website and at Zok s Homebrew supplies. For more info call 860-423-6777 or visit

April 7: 75 Years of Beer Party at Willimantic Brewing Company - It’s the 75th anniversary of the modification of the Volstead Act which allowed beer to legally flow once again in the U.S. Not to be confused with the repeal of Prohibition, April 7 marks the day when beer was the only legal libation in the country, so Willimantic will offer $1.00 off all drafts – all night! For more info call 860-423-6777 or visit

April 12: Willimantic Brewing Company’s 17th Anniversary Party – “When I was seventeen, I drank some very good beer...” Now celebrate the Main Street Café's 17th birthday with its blast-from-the-past specials all night and check out the party in the pub at 10 pm with live music by Mainville Trio. For more info call 860-423-6777 or visit

April 28: Willimantic Brewing Company's Spring Beer Dinner - Four different courses with four different beers, each designed to really and thoroughly impress you. Don't believe me? Take a look at the menu.

>First Course: Ribollita - A traditional Italian tomato vegetable soup that's packed with cannellini beans and vegetables and thickened with Italian bread. Brewer's roll topped with caramelized onions, goat cheese and prosciutto.
>Second Course: Endive and Frisee Salad with Oranges - Fresh endive and frisee tossed with sweet honey and shallot vinaigrette, surrounded by orange segments and drizzled with hazelnut oil.
>Third Course: Pork Loin with Fig & Port Sauce - Seared pork loin is roasted, then sliced and topped with a warm fig port wine reduction, accompanied by steamed salted asparagus and green olive and tomato rice pilaf.
>Fourth Course: Apple and Walnut Torta - Served with vanilla ice cream.

For more info, and reservations, call 860-423-6777 or visit

Rhode Island

April 12: The 2nd Great International Spring Beer Festival at the Providence Convention Center - Yes, it's that time once again. The warm weather is... well, it's somewhere. The birds are singing as they poop on our cars. The flowers are trying really hard to bloom in this bipolar New England weather, and of course a river of alcohol goes flowing through the Providence Convention Center. More than 250 brews to sample (pace yourself,) two sessions (so you can pace yourself,) live music, food and a wall of port-a-potty's (I TOLD you to pace yourself.) Plus there are Tutored Tastings (learn how to drink beer?) by Yankee Brew News writers and editors at each session. Get your tickets now before they sell out! For more info call 401-274-3234 or visit
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That looks pretty cool, dont know if Ill go as Im low on funds though but I really appreciate you posting this as Id really love to go.
Thanks smurfe....maybe someone will take me to The 2nd Great International Spring Beer Festival at the Providence Convention Center since it falls on my B-Day!!

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