Need help rescuing watery wine!

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Mar 9, 2007
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I have used Sun cal Merlot and at one point it fermented over. I lost about a gallon. I added additional water. I also pushed its alcohol up to about 15%. At 6 months there is no more action and I am considerring bottling, however, I tasted the wine and the initial tast seems a bit watery but has a nice after flavor on the pallet. Is there any way to rectify this?
The only thing that comes to mind is to blend it with a heavy bodied wine.
Some wines lack body when very young. The body comes back as it ages. Don't know if this wine will do that.

You've lost a gal of "wine" and replaced it with water and you've added alc to bring it up to 15% ABV. If it tastes watered down, which it is, you can wait it out as Steve suggested or maybe start another batch and then blend the two. I don't see any easy answers to your dilema.
Ernst & Julio Gallo " Hearty Burgandy"
I have blended it with waterery wine from black table grapes and it added plenty of body...

Mike Di Tonto