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Sep 24, 2009
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okay i have had the muscadine wine in a carboy for about 3 weeks now. (i think you guys would call it secondary, still trying to catch onto the lingo ) it has setteled out and is very clear. as far as i can tell the air lock hasnt bubbled in about a week. i am thinking of bottling it now. can anyone tell me how to tell if it is ready without using a hydrometer? i took the advice and put the campden tablets in there when i put it in the carboy. i havent opened it since. when i put it in there it tasted very good. please advise any way possible
If it's clear then the fermentation is likely complete. Suggestion, siphon off all the cleared wine into another carboy and attach air lock. Give it about a month and siphon off of any sediments. Once again add camden and then 1/2tsp sorbate per gallon if you plan to back sweeten and bottle.
Completely agree with above post. Never bottle from a vessel with sediment on the bottom unless you dont care about cloudy wine because getting the racking cane in there and starting a siphon wit bottles is just plain tough and almost guarenteed to disturb the wine and get it all cloudy again right in the middle or even beginning of bottling. You will be surprised at the fact that hw clear it looks but there is still very fine sediment in there that will layer your bottles if bottled now.

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