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Aug 16, 2015
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OK everybody out there need a little help. I should get my MLS shipment today. This is my first attempt at MLF. My first question is can you rack with the AIOWP during MLF. My second question is should I airlock or put a solid bung on the carboys during MLF. I don't know how much CO2 is produced during MLF. Thanks for your help, you all rock!!!
I'll answer your first question with a question: Why do you think you'll need to rack during MLF? There shouldn't be a need to. Press, then rack after 24-48 hours (I've gone as long as 3 or 4 days when life gets in the way), then pitch your MLB.

Most definitely use an airlock. Your alcoholic fermentation may not be 100% complete and the wine will be releasing gas even if it was. Secondly, since there is CO2 being produced by the MLF, you don't want a solid bung on there.
I may have to put the bacteria in today but can't get into final containers till tues/wed. The vino is under head space eliminator now.

Thank You for your answers!!!!!!

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The carboys are in temp controlled shop and covered with pillow cases. Not sure where/who I learned the pillow case cover idea from but thank you!!!!!

Also, when you go to the containers to MLF, leave very LITTLE headspace.

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