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Nov 15, 2009
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I started a two gallon batch of Mango wine. Man, those guys are slippery but they smell great. I'll try to update my other threads with the data I've collected so far. Take care.

I have had mixed results with Mango wine - the biggest issue has been a bit of a metallic taste every time I even use Mangos in a blended tropical fruit wine. It is very slight and most do not notice it, but I do.
I did a Strawberry Mango. Took a long time for the mango to settle
On the original test, the s.g. was 1.130 and the wine acid test strip gave a result of 3.8. I believe the s.g. is skew high due to visible fruit matter in the test cylinder but that is high. I put in less sugar than the recipe required and had planned to adjust to 1.080 territory. Also, the nylon bag keeps getting smaller and smaller. I can see why it took some time to clear.

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I racked into the secondary and the specific gravity was 1.060. The acid gave a reading of about 3.4. I am not real comfortable with the acid stripes so I picked up some indicator for my total acid test kit. I'll rack in a month and test for total acid as well as test with the stripes. The batch is still fermenting. I was tight for time and did not do a taste test. Even as I type this, I can't believe I omitted that test. Oh well.

Why did you rack at such a high gravity? Is this where you removed the pulp? Next time add the fruit to a straining bag for easy removal. :d

I racked from the primary into the secondary which I usually do not do. The nylon bag I removed from the primary was almost empty so racking was to help with clearing the wine. I'll keep you posted.

I racked the wine last night and tested the s.g. with a result of 1.010. I will test the acid later today. One thing I did not like was that I lost about 3/5 of a gallon between the two gallons. I'll report the total acid as soon as I have that result.

The total acid is 0.59 which is within range and almost at target.

We racked again over the weekend. This stuff does take a long time to settle but it is getting there.

I'm thinking about trying a mango wine. How many mangoes and what type of yeast did you use in your batch? Thanks in advance!
Its more of how many pounds not # of fruit. Shoot for at least 6# per gal
Thanks for the quick response Tom. I've found some pretty cheap. I'm actually walking out the door right now to get them.
I bought twelve pounds but I don't know how many pounds I ended up with after I peeled and removed the seeds. I put them in a nylon bag and the bag had very little in it when I removed it from the primary. After racking, I'm down to less than 1.5 gallons. I used Montrachet yeast. If I make it again, I plan to use a finer mesh nylon bag or a cheese cloth. I don't think it will help with the clearing but I think it will help on my racking loss.

Go to Depot and in the paint dept ask for 5 gallon Paint straining bags 2 to a pkg around 3.50. I use this and reuse.