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Aug 9, 2010
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I've made a Mango wine from fresh Mangos, and everything is going nicely--except that I have far more lees than I've ever gotten before. I'm up to roughly 5-6 inches of lees and I'm wondering if when I rack if I should keep it in a 5 gal carbouy or move to something smaller. I'm worried that when I top up I will water it down too much. Any suggestions?
By the time you back sweeten and add fpac - you will probably be alright.

If not adding those - then you can either get a smaller carboy or use displacement - some folks use marbles to displace the wine.
These pulpous fruits can really drop some heavy lees and getting them off those lees is very needed so do so as soon as possible. If racking while still fermenting then the C02 created during fermentation will blanket the wine and protect your wine from oxidation not to mention it will be saturated with C02 in suspension. Once this wine si degassed it will be bery important to reduce the amount of head space at that time so racking to smaller vessels or sweetening to a safe level in your carboy is needed.

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