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Oct 9, 2016
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I am 12 days into MLF and I have not stirred since I added the magic Acid. should I be stirring daily?
I stir for lees contact if at all. Then only weekly or so. Otherwise, let it do its magic. Do give it a sniff test every week or so to make sure nothing is going wrong.
Stirring once or twice a week may help move things along. But some don't ever touch the wine and it works just fine.
MLB is a slow and silent worker. As long as conditions are right, temp, mlb nutrient, SO2, pH, I have never had one not complete and has taken weeks or sometimes months.
How do I know when MLF is complete?

Some folks are able to tell by taste, but I prefer to run tests. You can either use paper chromotography, which simply tells you whether or not you still have malic in your wine, or use testing strips which give an indication of the quantity of malic in the wine.
I do the malic test strips. They are easy to use. I don't get excited about color differences, until it is nearing done. After it reads done I always let it sit another month, just in case I misread the strip. I don't open the carboy during this time. I think many people get overly worried about the no sulfites while waiting and give up.
Air lock during MLF

Quick question for the forum again about MLF. I am 2 months into MLF and wondering if I should have my air lock on or cap it amd don't let it breath?

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