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Something i would like to try down the road when I get better & more comfortable making wine in general .
Try it, its not any harder at all if you dont degorge, you just need to bottle it in stronger bottles. Degorging is actually fun and prepare to get a little wet! We can walk you right through this so if you want to do it lets go cause it will take time so lets get started now!
Don't think I want to start anymore before Christmas but putting it on my want to make list ,I really do have a list lol . I'm sure i will have lots of questions about making it . Do you know how long it takes from starting to drinking it takes .
Normal time to get it into bottles and then around 2 months to carb. If you decide to degorge then you need to add another month after doing that for the pressure to restabilize on the bottles and then chill and serve. All in all about the time it takes for a red wine to come around.

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