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Jan 10, 2009
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Hey im looking to make my second batch of wine. This time im going to try to make a champagne. I found white grape juice very cheap without sorbate. However, it does say it was treated with K meta. Should I not put in campden tablets of my own? Should I air it out before to make sure there isnt too much residual sulfite? I am very familiar with the fermentation process. For champagne however I was planning to wait till it stops bubbling then bottle and add 15g of sugar and a bit more yeast to each. I will have the appropriate bottles corks wire and foil. Do all this sound right? there arent very many threads on champagne. thanks.
Dont add any additional sulfites and youll be fine. I posted some info on here awhile ago but if you need help and cant find it let me know.
Thanks wade, that is helpful. Does the second fermentation contribute much alcohol or does it stay at around 11? Should i add yeast along with the sugar? or has it worked fine without it?
I have never added any more yest to mine. Doesnt reall up the abv much at all. Make sure you keep stirring well while bottling as it wants to settle fast and you will get some bottles that carbonate great and some that dont otherwise.