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Jan 16, 2010
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Hi i just had open a bottle of strawberry white merlot and it disapeared anyone seen it?

no but seriously this thing is really good!
WE Island Mist my 2nd wine after we pinot noir, so far i much prefer the IM, we'll see when the pinot ages more, but i find it quite too thin
WE Pinot Noir which one? Reserve? The lower end WE kits are thin and need help to add body. Which one is it from WE?
I know Wade will say get the kits with skins as they are much better. Think about it if its $100 thats only 3.333 ea so go for the higher price ones. Cost per pottle is little yet you get a much better wine.
yeah was one the cheap one, vitners reserve? but yeah im trying to figure out another a red id like maybe in the world selection or rjspagnols same price range first then prolly get the top grade one. also highly interested by the mosti mondiale meglioli barollo. wonder if the top grade WE compares to it.

any you guys would suggest?
i usually drink Cab sauvignon(JP Chenet) shiraz (Yellow tail) pinot noir
latelly i got into valpolecia and barollo and ripasso (massi)

The guy at the shop told me to try the trinity red has it had good body and really good for the price
And I just thought this thread was about the TV series..........

Just kidding (although it is a great series).

Any strawberry wine is likely to be good.
I made just strawberry, strawberry apple, and strawberry dandelion.
All turned out excellent !!!