Looking to make a semi sweet red table wine

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Dec 27, 2009
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Anyone know of a way I can go about to make a red table wine? I am assuming that it is cheaper than a kit?
I currently have a few batches going that I made from Alexander's concentrate. I did add some fruit to each to dress it up a bit, but the recipe on the can does not require it. I have heard that these are not as good as kits, but I couldn't tell you personally since these batches are still going and I have not had a chance to taste them yet.

I guess it matters how expensive your wine tastes are. If you like fairly expensive wine, then I would guess you will be disappointed. Luckily I'm still on the cheap stuff!

These cans are fairly inexpensive at between 13-20 dollars per can. It calls for 2 cans for 5 gallons.
You may want to consider an Island Mist kit. Those can be made as sweet as you want, by adding the F-pak before or after stabilization. If you are looking for an easy drinker and not necessarily a "premium" wine these kits are good selections. I'm making one this year. Our communion wine at church is the Black rasperry Merlot - I think. Its tasty, slightly sweet and fruity.