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May 4, 2010
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I have been searching the internet looking for companies that supply large amounts of fruits and berries to the home user. I have found several but none give a price without opening up an account.
Does anyone have or know of a company that will supply to the home user instead of a business, large amounts of fruits and berries.

Heres the list of things I am looking for

Raspberries (##1 on the list)
Apples (gallons of juice would work for this one)

now the odd ball ones (more than likely going to be juices or concentrates)
Black currants
Black cherries
Passion Fruit

Since I am on this kick of looking I would also like to find a place that sells gallons of merlot concentrate, not a kit wine but just the juice.
If you are near a BIG city try the Produce Market where they sell WHOLESALE.
Ask for the fruit they can't sell. (not grocery store quality) This is what I get at my local flea market. This is a regular produce guy that sell retail and on ther weekends get a truckload of fruit thet would not be able to sell @ retail. I get GREAT buys just ask Wade and others.
Good luck!
Tom does do very well at that, others have not had such luck in there area's. You just don't know until you go out and ask. I know with in 50 miles of me there are at least two very large produce auctions. This is where retailers are buying from. If you are will to at least pay wholesale prices you might check out something like that also.
just to give you an IDEA of what you can score. Saturday I got 2 cases 28#'s each = 56#'s of PLUMS for TWO Dollars. The sugar cost more than the fruit. :br
I will have to check in the capital city,, its only 3 hours away. LOL
I will look around and see if there are any other produce markets around here.
There is a place in Ct. that sells frozen boxes of Black Currants, I dont know if they will ship though. they do sell to you and me as Ive used them a few times in the past for and they sell 36 lb boxes at a decent price, Its been awhile and I can remember the price but it was cheaper to buy to boxes then the two cands of Vintners Harvest wine base with a better end result.
just to give you an IDEA of HOW you can score. Saturday I got 2 cases 28#'s each = 56#'s of PLUMS. The sugar cost more than the fruit. :br

YUP all you have to do is ask!!!

Hey Wade,
I emailed that company and the main man is on vacation but he said that he would get me a price on shipping when he gets back.

Thanks for the lead.

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