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Feb 23, 2015
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I thought I would share my work area and hope to see some of yours. I think we run the gamut here, from a corner of a kitchen to a full professional winery. What we all have in common is fun making wine. Maybe we can learn a few new tips along the way by seeing how others are set up.

I use one end of the living area in my basement. I made this wine cart to try to keep things neater. It also lets me roll it away if we need to use the room for guests. I've got my great AllinOne pump on the top, along with my sanitizer and packets from active kits.

Off to the side I have a bucket for my oxiclean, another for rinsing and one for sanitizing. Instructions and log book are kept on the tv cabinet. Up front is my primary which has a batch of Lode Old Vines Zinfandel I started this morning. Behind it is an Amarone in clearing, and a 3 gallon carboy of Chocolate Raspberry Dessert wine in secondary.

Behind me is a door to my garage which has a large stainless steel utility sink where I do all my cleaning. On the other side of my basement is the wine cellar I made this summer.

Let's see your area and set up.

Stuffed to the gills (as usual)!

I don't bottle for 2 years. So first year is time spent in carboys and rotating in and out of small barrels. 2nd year is aging and tweaking oak levels followed by blending and bottling. I enter into competitions, I will take wine when we go visit family in CA, WA, MO, TX thanks to Southwest two free bags policy one of my checked bags is always a case of wine. With wine you always have birthday or Xmas presents for friends and family. I cook wth it and some of it I actually drink as well!

That's a thing of beauty. One question, what do you do with all of it?

Beautiful set up, thanks for sharing. Are those post it notes on the carboys or tags? Basic information: Wine type and date of each event type stuff?
Mine's a few years old now and developing as it goes, Pics of the outside and inside. It's only 12x12 but has a little patio on one side where we crush, drink wine and have a fire once and a while. The inside pic is a pano so it looks a little bigger than it really is but I can get most of it in the one picture.