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May 15, 2009
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Sp experienced wine makers, In your opinnion is it better to use a kit or start with the fruit and go through that process? Cost? I have done one kit, it was fairly easy. The directions made it sound MUCH more complicated than it really turned out to be. I've got to get something else going in my primary bucket, just trying to decide, do I go for another kit? Or try a fruit recipe....I need to get:d

Depends on what your experience in winemaking is.
If new the the hobby (err obsession) I would keep with kits so you can see and understand the process and chemicals used.
If not go for it. Fruit winemaking is somewhat harder than kits. You will need all the equipment, Hydrometer, K-meta, sorbate, clairifiers, acid tester, acid blend, pectic enzyme, and more.
Tell us about yourself..
Very new...but intregued. Possible Obssesed. Thank goodness for my 3 little kiddos who keep me to busy to obsess to much:)I am still pretty confused by the whole process, but I am thinking I am going to make something from juice concentrate.
Okay, I'm not experienced,,, I'm a newbee... But I'll add that I jumped in on fruit wines to start off with. I've had uncles talk about the wine they made and it gave me the bug. But I've learned very little so far and also don't even know yet if I've made any serious mistakes. :h
I hope to try a kit soon,,,,, just to know I've got some good wine to drink. :)
You should still have everything on at list even with concentrates.
I have all the equipment, just not the addatives, since they came in my kit;)
My vast experience tells me...(5 months)...get another primary, kit in one, fruit in another. Of course, you're going to need another secondary (maybe two).