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Sep 28, 2009
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Just reserved my KenRidge Showcase Italian Primitivo/Syrah limited edition kit :) Can't wait!!! WooT! Only comes in March though :( Late xmas gift.

From Vineco's site:

Italy, Sicily, Primitivo/Syrah - The Region:
Located just off the toe of Italy, this large island with hilly and mountainous terrain has a long history in agricultural products, including grain, oranges, lemons, olives, olive oil, almonds, and of course grapes. Sicily enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild to warm, wet winters and warm to hot, dry sunny summers. With the adoption of modern technology, the increased knowledge surrounding vineyard practices, and the wealth of indigenous grape varieties, the wines of this island are beginning to explode onto the wine scene.

The Wine:
This wine is a complementary blend of Primitivo and Syrah. The Primitivo (a.k.a. Zinfandel in California, or Crljenak Kastelanski in its country of origin, Coratia) is a fruit-driven, full-bodied wine providing flavours of Damson plum, blackberry and cherry. The Syrah provides structure and great mouth-feel with flavours of red and black berries along with spice and cocoa notes. The final blend will provide plenty of juicy, rich fruit flavours complemented by the perfect touch of spice and oak. The moderate tannins showing in its youth will soften quickly as the fruit flavours begin to dominate with only 3 to 4 months of cellaring.

The Food:
The rich fruit flavours will complement grilled sausage on a crusty bun; barbecue sauces and marinades on steaks, ribs and roasts; rabbit stews; braised meats; gourmet meat lover's pizza; lasagna Bolognese; eggplant marinara with polenta; Beemster 3 year aged Gouda.

Body: Full

Sugar Code: 0

Alcohol: 13%

Release Date: March 2010
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Keep us posted.. How many kits have you made so far? Ever tried any other mfg..
Forgot to update this one... Actually picked up the kit earlier this month, and have gone through the first 10 days in the primary. This kit looks very promising. The juice is a deep burgundy colour, with a great aroma. The kit comes with toasted Euro Oak cubes (are these re-useable?). Racked to the secondary tonight and progressing smoothly. Also have a Niagara Mist blackberry merlot waiting to be started (with 1kg extra corn sugar for a boost).
I'll be interested to know what you think of the Blackberry Merlot. I made this earlier in the year and while it's gotten better with aging, I didn't think it had much flavor.
Not that it's real important, but the Niagara Mist Blackberry kit is actually a Malbec. I was thinking about doing this one this spring, but bought the NM Strawberry Lychee Traminer instead.

I have made the Orchard Breezin' Blackberry Merlot, and think that it has LOTS of great blackberry flavour. BTW, I make as per instructions, do not add extra sugar or put the sweetener/flavour pack in the primary. It was quite popular when I ran a Ferment on Premises.