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I have just bagged my second lot of wine, the first was lovely but the second has a really funny after taste ( not really sure how to describe it ) and I'm not sure what if anything can be done about it. Anyone else has the same problem.
Thanks Vron
There are several Kenridge Chardonnays. It might help if you told us which one. Also what was the date on the box?

Did you add extra sulphite prior to bottling?

BTW, personally I think all Chardonnays taste funny. :h

We need more info like what was the temp that you fermented at, did you add all the ingredients, How long has this been in the bottle?
My first batch was a Chardonnay, bottling day, it tasted like a little wine and an oak tree. :d I opened a bottle a couple months later, and the powerful tree aftertaste has mellowed quite a bit.

I plan on letting this one sit for another 8 months before trying it again...should be quite good......for a Chardonnay (which I love every other month)

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