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Mar 13, 2017
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Hi; I'm a new member with plenty of questions!

Hello Members! I have a few questions that I would like to ask members of this Forum that has been causing me some concern.
I have been making wine (home brewing) for about 25 years now. I started buying my wine juice from some local wine dealer in Mississauga and eventually when Costco introduced wine to their store; I switched to Argentia Ridge brand and have since been brewing home wine purchased from Costco. I brew Shiraz as my home wine because it’s good and reasonably priced. I also make other wine from juices that are more expensive for special occasions.
I have been making wine from wine juices and from concentrate for many years now. Over the years, Argentia Ridge enclosed instruction sheet with the wine kit have changed somewhat. I always read the instructions before proceeding with the wine brewing - just in case the instructions have changed and they have changed.
My concern is as follows: Recently I bought a kit of Shiraz wine (I make Shiraz as my house wine); the kit consists of 2 wine plastic bags with all the goodies and oak chips etc. The instructions are very legible. The kit turned out great; the wine fermented well and after 30 days, I bottled them. I then ordered another kit because Costco had a sale on. This kit, however, one bag of concentrate juice will not ferment after 48 hrs. The other bag started to percolate (bubbles) from the water valve after 24 hours. I use sealed lid plastic Primary Fermenter containers with a water valve for all my wine brewing; I then transfer them to a glass Carboy to complete my wine making.
Sometimes, when a concentrate wine juice is lazy to percolate, I remove the cover, give a few stir (let the juice air a little) and the form created on top of the juice by the yeast covers the surface completely and normal fermentation (bubble) will then take place. I usually carry a few packets of dry yeast in my fridge and sometimes I have to resort to adding another packet, leave it covered loosely (to give a boost) and after 24 hrs, give the juice a stir and snap the lid on and in a few hours, gases will blow out the water valve. I have been very careful about cleaning and sanitizing my equipment with metabisulphite - making sure that no contamination takes place. I have my theory as to what may be causing it. I will appreciate to hear from some experts’ members who may have experienced the same problem and what they think is causing it and how they overcome this problem. I’ll appreciate this.
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