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Oct 26, 2008
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Recently started a 4 gallon batch using frozen concentrate from "Hawaiis Own", I have used their product before with great results. None the less, I sarted with an SG of 1.100, on purpose. It took 3 days for fermentation to begin and then it just sort of lugged along, very slow, very few bubbles, etc. After 8 days it had only came down to 1.080. I don't know what caused this, could have been a number of things.
Determined to make it work, (I used Cotes de Blanc initially), I rehydrated a sachet of Cuvee and tossed it in. Within a half an hour it "fired" right up. Now, 24 hrs later it is cooking right along, nice foam, lots of fizz, etc.
This is the first time I did the jump start, and it worked as "prescribed".
Because there are two sachets of yeast involved, and different strains as well, can I expect any off flavors? Is it going to be "yeasty, or will the cuvee and the cotes both ferment out?
Incidentally, the only things different from any other wine I have started, was this batch I used rain water, and the temperature in the cabin was around 65 at night. One of these factors may have been involved, not sure. But it has been resurected.

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