It hasn't gotten dark in weeks!

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Oct 26, 2008
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Sunday is soltice, longest day of the year. But it is a gradual increase and decrease, it is 1030pm here and the sun is so high on the horizon you would need sunglasses to drive. Sunday at midnight will give us 23:44 mins sunlight.
It goes up/down about 7 mins a day, so it stays light here 24 hrs a day for about 2 1/2 months. Pretty cool, even after 30 yrs, it's an experience. Wanted to tell you about it.
Sounds like this Sunday you can go and get a smoke and miss the "night" :r
Yeah, that's gotta be facinating.

There is a reverse effect in Winter... from when to when?
Nice thing hope that also happens to my city for about at lest 1 day, very cool, excited about that .... anyways enjoy ur sunday mate :h
That is interesting Troy. I can only imagine what 24 hrs of darkness a day is like. I guess you will have to party all day.:b
My SIL was assigned to St. Paul island for a year. He's in the Coast Guard and they have a loran station out there. He struggled with the period of darkness for a while. Right now he's on his vacation time and the daughter and grandson are there with him at his parents house in Parkersburg WV.
Only good thing about him going there was the daughter moved back with us for that year and I love having my 2 grandsons around!
My Mom and her husband Wayne came to visit from June 18-24th. Of course during that time it was solstice, (June 21st), of all the interesting things I showed them, the thing they remeber the most was the no darkness. It is hard to explain. In a few weeks it will be 30 years since I came here and even I am not used to it. I think it was pretty cool for them, although to me it is just another summer. Already bought a new shovel, probably see snow towards the end of September. Geez Louise. Whose Louise?
Hee Hee.
Take Good Care See yall around the corner.