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Jan 19, 2010
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Bottled this one yesterday. I added 5 1/2 cups sugar at the start, for an initial SG of 1.070 or ~9.5% ABV. Added F-pack per instructions.

While bottling we had a couple sample (bottles!), and everyone agrees this is one terrific tasting sweet summer wine! I highly recommend it, unless you aren't into having giggling women telling you how awesome your homemade wine is :D
I have that one in the carboy now .I love pomegranate so I hope I like this wine also .
I have this one in a carboy too, except I didnt up the SG.
Its definitely dark and smells great.
I made the Mist pom/zin kit this spring. Overall, I've enjoyed it very much. I bumped the alcohol to 10%. My only regret was using all of the F-pack. Next time, I'd leave out about 25%. It's almost too sweet/syruppy. I like it much better when mixed 50/50 with 7up.
Alot of people like to use 1/2 the f-pack up front in the primary, and the rest at the clearing stage.. I've done this numerous times on the red mist kits with very good results..
Just wanted to post an opinion. We have now made each of the W.E. Red Island Mist kits. Our favorite is the Pom Zin. A close second is the Wildberry Shiraz. For both kits, we added 6 cups of sugar and 1/3 of the F-pack at the outset, leaving 2/3 of the F-pack for back-sweetening.

These kits make really terrific summer wine-cooler type drinks. Everyone really likes them and tells us we should be selling our wine!

Best of luck to everyone!