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Sep 29, 2009
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In mid-June I started a batch of plum-wine and everything seemed okay until after the first racking. Now something weird has happened. At least I think it is weird from what I've read, but this is my first batch of wine so it may not be.

When I first put the mix into the carboy it looked like a pink smoothie and over the course of the next two months or so it collected a layer of pink chalky sediment in the bottom as the rest of the jar got slowly more clear.

After the racking last month something different has been happening. Instead of collecting sediment in the bottom there is a layer of crystal clear wine on top of a pearly cloud layer. From what I can tell the cloud layer is slowly getting lower, but it isn't doing so evenly and the pearly look seems odd.

everything seems to be going good. when its clear all the way to sedement rack it again
Have you degassed this wine? If not this is wht its so slow to fall cause its being suspended by C02 in the wine.
Degassing? Sounds sensible but this is the first I've heard of it. There was nothing in either of the books I have about that, nor any of the recipies I've looked at.

I searched and found a couple of threads about it on here, but nothing that explains how it's done. Or if it can even be done now that it's back in the carboy.

From the sound of it the super-kleer won't even help if CO2 is the issue.

Seems to be clearing fine on its own. I wouldn't worry about degassing. There looks to be a fair bit of headroom in your carboy, If you get rid of all the gas it might well start taking in Oxygen unless you top it up or rack it to a smaller vessel.
Regards, Winemanden. :h

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