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Jan 18, 2009
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Hi there, I am currently making my first batch of wine which is a Shiraz containg 18liters of juice and had crushed grapes as an additive. Im currently in secondary fermentation on about the 7th day and ive noticed a few of these small "gobs" srart to form at the top. Now being my first batch i wanted to go overboard with the cleaning and sterilizing so nothing would go wrong in that department. Now ive noticed this. Has anyone seen this before and is it normal? Here is a pic...

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Looks like grape pulp to me.I think things are ok for you.
Ah thanks! Got a little worried as i thought maybe algae or something was starting to grow in my wine!! lol Anyway, thanks for the response, hope others agree.:)
Ive made a lot of grape skin kits and have never seen this. I could see maybe 1 but a few would be many to many pces. of WHITE pulp for a RED wine. I wouldnt get too concerned though, did you add anything else to this kit?
well just some oak shaving... :(

That is a MACRO image so it is actually a lot smaller then that relative to the carboy, but still. Ill take some more shots and tell me what u think. crap this sucks:(

EDIT added two more pics.. u can see the green gobs around the meniscus, and the red pieces are the oak... Also there is the whitish film that is majorly amplified by the flash of the camera. the streaks are caused by the CO2 bubbles, but is the white film normal?

Also the wine seems to smell fine:confused:

Here is a higher res image



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Is this a Cellar Craft kit? Ive heard many people say that an oily film is made when these kits ferment but are gone after racking and clearing with no problems what so ever. I guess they could be grape skins in which pectic enzyme has taken the color out but have never seen this happen with the 15+ grape kits Ive done. Please identify what kit this is.
YES its a Cellar Craft kit!:D

yay glad to hear. it does seem like an oily deposit and i was going to mention this. The green color really seems to come out in the camera but to the naked eye not so much and looks a little oily. Anyway, yes it's Cellar Craft. One of their higher end kits.
Dont worry about it, it must be in the way they process the skins but not to fear it goes away with no ill harm done and you will have an extraodinary wine when done. These make awesome wines!
Alright then thanks vry much for the help!! Very much apreciated:) I'll send ya a bottle if u want (barring you aren't too freaked out by the green slime lol):)
No need, nothing but love here! Im just paying it forward for what Ive learned over the years.