Is this a good starter kit?

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Not a bad price. About average. Midwest is a decent place to buy from. I have ordered a few things from them. They are a fairly popular home brew supply house.
I guess I'm turned off this set by the comment "Double Lever Corker (This upgraded corking device makes the corking process easier)".

It's a hand corker. IMO, that is not an upgraded corker. If you can afford it get a floor corker.

Had a little extra time to look at this equipment kit. Noticed a couple of other items about it.

1) I don't know what 'Easy Clean No-Rinse Cleanser' is. If it truly is a cleanser, there is no sanitizer in this kit.

2) There is a hydrometer, but no hydrometer tube to hold it while you take a reading. Probably not important when in primary, but necessary (IMO) from a carboy.

3) I'm not a fan of 7.5 US Gallon primaries with air locks. It's a personal preference thing, and many other people prefer this kind of primary.

I agree with cpfan's comments on the primary. I would look at a bit more expensive kit that comes with a glass primary. I use a glass primary and feel better, instead of it being a bucket.

again, it does come down to personal preference. You can always get this kit, add those missing items and upgrade the primary later with a glass one.

What exactly are you using as a glass primary?


I can't comment on price; However, one picky item.

The 6 gallon glass carboys (both Italian & Mexican) that I have i my store take a #6 1/2 bung. The #6, especially when wet, can be pushed into the carboy fairly easily.

And I still don't like the 7.5 US gallon primary. Possibly not enough room for a grape skin pack, and definitly not enough room for a vigourous stir, at least not my kind of vigourous stir.

YES I have kits, but ...

1) the store is not near you
2) we don't do mail order
3) the store is closing this month

do you have any 6 1/2 bungs that you would be willing to put in the mail if I paypal you?
do you have any 6 1/2 bungs that you would be willing to put in the mail if I paypal you?

Yes, I could do that. But if you are orderingthat starter kit anyway, they should be able to add a bung to the order. BTW the bung costs $1 Cdn. Shipping will be a bunch more.


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