is it possible to increase abv at end of fermentation?

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So, my s.g yesterday was .996, I told myself if it was lower this morning, indicating the yeast was still active I would attempt to step feed with a little sugar. It was .992 as of 7am. I added 1 pound of sugar ( hope that wasn't to big of a step for 6 gallons?) But according to my calculations, that would increase it about .08 abv. We'll see.....
A suggestion on the sugar. Put 1# sugar in 1 cup water, simmer until sugar is completely dissolved. Do not boil. Much easier to add. BTW, I usually do 4# sugar in 4 cups water. A 3 quart pan holds it well. When cool, transfer to a 1.75L liquor bottle. A 375 bottle will hold the excess. Comes in handy for taste testing, etc.