Inadvertent EXTENDED!! Maceration/Primary

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Feb 11, 2019
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Started an En Primeur Winwmaker’s Trio in February and with all the hullabaloo just got around to transferring out of the PRIMARY. So apparently testing two things: A) Long time in plastic primary bucket and B) 6 month + extended maceration.

The wine has been at room temp in a closet since starting. No obvious detrimental effects noted. Still has lots of CO2. No dreaded floating skins with moodiness growing on them. There were some floating seeds still, but that’s it. All flavors and aromas point to success - or, at least, not failure.

We’ll see how it holds over the next six months.

Glad to see this...I have one that's been in EM for three months, I was starting to get worried about spoilage