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Jan 21, 2009
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Hello folks: I'm making an RJ Spagnols Gran Cru Pinot Chardonnay kit, my first attempt at wine. Yestarday I was racking out of the carboy back to the fermenting bucket so I could bottle without stirring up the lees. I let slip the auto-siphon, which fell into the lees and of course stirred up a small cloud. There's less than two gallons left in the carboy (I bottled the other four gal.). I know its not good to have all that suface area exposed to air. Should I get some additional clarifying agent and add it to the remainder, bottle cloudy, or what? I haven't checked it this A.M., so I don't know if its cleared any more.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mike
I'd just rack the wine into appropriate sized gallon jugs, large bottles, etc. with minimal headspace and wait for any sediment to settle out. Once that happens, siphon off the sediment and bottle. It's always handy to have a wide range of bottles, jugs, food grade plastic canisters, etc. lying around for when stuff like this happens.
This is why I urge all of you to always rack to a clean vessel if if no problems bottle from there. Get some 1 gallon carboys and just let them rest and the wine will clear on its own, dont add another fining agent unless this wine doesnt clear for at least a month.
Thanks for the suggestions. I see that the cloud has settled already so I'll rack and bottle the remainder this evening.

Mike we have a member in here from Puerto Rico and he droped something in his batch. he had his DAD clean and sanitize his arm and fished it out.
Long arm of the Lees? Geez that was bad, kinda "reaching" for a joke!

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